Prospective Rowers

Why Rowing?

Are you interested in being a competitive athlete, getting in the best shape of your life, making lifelong friends and being a part of one of the most successful club rowing programs in the country?

Is previous rowing experience required?

No! In fact, most of our incoming novices have never rowed before coming to URI.   Our team has successfully helped develop national champions and Olympians who came to college without prior rowing experience.

What makes a good rower?

Generally good rowers are tall, strong athletes that are fierce competitors, however we have many smaller lightweight rowers who are tough, and competitive enough to win against bigger opponents. We are always on the lookout for coxswains (pronounced “cock-sens”), the smallest team members who steer the boat and keep the rowers focused and on pace whenever we are on the water.

How to join?

Come visit our table at the club fair during first night and fill out our recruitment questionnaire!