Who are we?

Our team is under the club sports umbrella. We are governed by CSIC (Club Sports and Intramural Council) and ultimately the Department of Student Life, rather than the athletic department of the university.

Is previous rowing experience required?

No! In fact, most of our incoming novices have never rowed before coming to URI. Our club has successfully helped develop national champions and Olympians who came to college without rowing experience.

What makes a good rower?

International rowing is dominated by men and women well over 6 feet tall, however our team takes pride in offering anyone with dedication to row and compete. We have many successful smaller and lightweight rowers, who compete¬† against physically larger opponents and win. We are always on the lookout for coxswains (pronounced “cock-sens”), the smallest team members who steer the boat and keep the rowers focused and on pace whenever we are on the water.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to develop a team comprised of highly motivated and competitive student athletes who’s focus is to compete against other institutions in intercollegiate rowing and win. If you’re willing to work together with your team mates to better yourself and those around you (not only in the rowing environment) we want you to join our program. We take pride in the dedication that is required by each of our members to run a nationally known rowing program which includes, but is not limited to, going to practice everyday, fundraising on the clubs behalf and representing URI inside and outside of our community.